How to Fix a Cooling System Leak with K&W® Instant Cooling System Stop Leak

A leaking cooling system can cost you a lot of time and money to fix, and it puts you at risk of a major engine failure. K&W Instant Cooling System Stop Leak gives you a one-step, permanent repair so you can start driving again, its guaranteed. A cooling system leak may show up as fluid or steam leaking from your radiator or cooling hoses. If the leak is coming from a hose, you’ll need to replace it. But, K&W Cooling System Stop Leak can instantly and permanently fix leaks in radiators, as well as head gaskets, engine blocks, heater cores, and freeze plugs. No need to drain or flush the cooling system. The product seeks out leaks, builds a seal and uses the air and heat of the cooling system to cure, forming a permanent repair. Plus, it won’t clog cooling systems and it’s compatible with all types of anti-freeze. Before you start, get your tools together and read the entire product label. Make sure the engine is fully cooled before you begin. Remove your radiator cap. Check the coolant level to be sure there’s enough room for the Instant Cooling System Stop Leak. If your car doesn’t have a radiator cap, you’ll need to open up the upper coolant hose to allow you to pour directly into the cooling system. Do not pour Instant Cooling System Stop Leak into reservoir tank! Check the instructions on the label and note how much Instant Cooling System Stop Leak your vehicle should take. Shake the product for thirty seconds….and pour in the correct amount. Replace the cap and run the engine up to operating temperature until the leak stops. Then you’re good to go! So stop leaks and start driving with K&W Instant Cooling System Stop Leak.