Selling Pipes to Salt Lake City Smoke Shops | Part 1

You can make 1,000 pipes, but if you can’t sell them, then it doesn’t mean much! Artist might hope that they can sell them all online or at an event, but it just doesn’t happen that quick! Thats why I have made this video. So that you can see one of the most important parts of actually making a career as a pipe maker.

In this video I am showing you two shops that I am selling my ceramic pipes to. If your in the Salt Lake Valley, look up the shops I go to and support them by purchasing one of my pipes. You can also visit my website you have your own pipe shipped to you (

Thanks for watching, comment any tips on how I can make my videos better, or what you want to see for the next video. If you watched the whole video then like and go watch Part 2 where I will stop in 3 shops instead of 2!

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