Which Nicotine Level in Your E Juice Is Right For You?

If there is one benefit that vaping has brought to the world of avid smokers, it is the ability to know the exact ingredients present in an e juice. This also implies to the nicotine levels in the chosen e-liquid.

The big question is- Which Level is right for your smoking needs?

One thing that works in their favour is that most e-liquid nicotine levels come across in standard concentrations of 0 mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. Some suppliers even represent the amount of nicotine in 1mL of the vape liquid, while others do it in (%) such as 12mg -1.2%.

Still, here’s a drop-down what nicotine level is suited to different smokers.

Zero mg/ml- For smokers who work want to step down from their previous high intake, or for those who like smoking without any nicotine at all.

3mg/ml- This is best suited to vapers who are just starting off vaping or those who consume less than or equal to 10 cigarettes per day.

6mg/ml- This is the standard concentration for regular vapers (who previously were moderate to high smokers).

And 12mg/ml- This is more suited to those who were formally heavy cigarette smokers more like smoking 25-30 cigarettes previously.

Other Factors That Need Consideration:-

The type of nicotine e juice also depends on the smoker.

If you usually prefer the harsher taste and a throat hit, then a higher nicotine level is right for them.

And those who prefer a smoother hit, then opting for a low vaping nicotine level allows them to cherish the flavour more.

The choice of the e-liquid also depends on the use of the smoker. If one vapes sparingly once or twice throughout the whole day, then going for a harsher nicotine level will suit their needs.

Contrarily, if you intend to vape in extended sessions, then, it is best to opt for a mediocre nicotine level juice.

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